of biogas

Centrale de méthanisation

Biogas enables the local production of green, circular and non-intermittent energy

Anaerobic digestion provides a solution for the recovery of organic waste and the production of a natural fertiliser substitutable for chemical fertilisers.

Biogas offers many benefits for the territories

  • cost-effective organic waste treatment and recovery
  • decentralised production of renewable energy: electricity and green heat, biomethane, bioNGV
  • production of natural fertiliser (digestate) making it possible to reduce fertilisation costs
  • preservation of agriculture thanks to additional revenue from the sale of energy
  • reduction in greenhouse gases: more than 750,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year saved in France in 2020 thanks to biogas1
  • access to green, low-carbon mobility via BioNGV: - 80% CO2, - 50% Nox and - 95% fine particles compared with a diesel vehicle2
  • local economic development with the creation of 26,000 jobs, unlikely to be relocated, by the biogas industry looking forward to 20283
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    2Source : AFGNV
    3Source : France Biométhane