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An eco-friendly alternative for gas-powered vehicles

BioNGV supporting green, sustainable mobility

The transport industry is the sector with the highest greenhouse gas emissions in France, and is also responsible for numerous air pollutants: Nox, carbon monoxide, fine particles…

Environmental benefits1:

  • - 80% CO2 emissions
  • - 50% Nox emissions
  • - 95% fine particles
1compared with diesel / Source : AFGNV & GRDF

Economic and social benefits

Driver comfort

50% in noise pollution and significant reduction in vibrations

Economic profitability

20% to 30% savings compared with conventional fuel

Energy transition aid mechanisms

NGV benefits from energy transition aid mechanisms, such as improved amortisation from 120% to 160% for the acquisition of vehicles of 2.6 T or more, or a total or partial vehicle registration exemption

Possible access to Low-Emission Zones (ZFE)

Classed in category 1 for Crit’Air passes

NGV and BioNGV are therefore consistent with the national and regional commitment to developing “clean” fuel:

  • NGV supplies natural gas-powered vehicles. It is the same natural gas as that used for heating or cooking, but it is recovered as fuel.
  • BioNGV is the renewable and low-carbon version of NGV. The fuel that supplies the vehicle comes from the biomethane produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic waste.