Support for project leaders

LEDJO Energie: dedicated engineering & consulting subsidiary

The benefits of LEDJO Energie

LEDJO Energie assists Evergaz as biogas operator as well as any other anaerobic digestion project initiator independently of the Evergaz group.

  • Independent of any contractor or manufacturer
  • Skills exclusively dedicated to biogas with a Regulatory studies Division and a Construction Division
  • Feedback: in particular from Evergaz facilities in operation since 2014

Support at every step

  • Studies: feasibility studies, procurement plan, design, environmental analysis, digestate recovery, etc.
  • Regulatory assistance: preparation of ICPE applications, regulatory changes, regulatory reports for sites in operation
  • Operational assistance: performance optimisation, search for resources, land application plans, etc.
  • Audits of sites in operation, project audits

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Training courses

LEDJO Energie has been a registered training organisation since 2017 and provides training to executives from major gas network operators for example.

Customised training courses are provided to suit your needs.

  • Possibility of organising one or more cogeneration or injection site visits, with practical workshops
  • Possibility of producing a “feedback” module with presentation of several anaerobic digestion sites in France and Germany
  • Training content and duration tailored to the target audience and requirements


Possibility of educational modules

Technical overview of biogas
  • foundations of anaerobic digestion
  • materials treated
  • main technologies
Mobilisation of resources
  • input materials usable
  • points of attention: costs, seasonality, risks, storage, transport, etc.
  • waste regulations
Injection of biomethane
  • characteristics of biomethane
  • scrubbing techniques
  • guarantees of origin
  • inspections and standards
Digestate recovery
  • characteristics: environmental benefits, odour abatement, etc.
  • land application methods
  • regulations
Market and outlook
  • key figures
  • European market and France’s position
  • challenges and opportunities of the sector
  • regulations and acceptability of projects
  • main players and typologies
  • natural gas for Vehicles and outlook
Development of a biogas project
  • key stages in the development of a project
  • feasibility study, call for tender, ICPE procedures, connection, financial arrangements, construction, contracting process, insurance, consultation and acceptability
Financing and business model
  • business model of a biogas facility
  • funding of projects
  • profitability of biogas projects
  • subsidies
Risk control
  • regulations (ATEX, ICPE, etc.)
  • accident rate
  • safety and good practices