Sainter Méthanisation

The Sainter Méthanisation biogas facility, in Saint Hermine, Vendée department, produces electricity and heat from livestock effluents and crop by-products.

Project description

Its treatment capacity of nearly 11,000 tonnes per year means it can recover 0.53 MWel of biogas through cogeneration. 1,000 homes are therefore supplied with locally produced green electricity. Evergaz bought the shares held by Méthaneo and took a stake in Sain’ter in 2018, alongside long-standing partners ALENDA, Vendée Energie and Interplume.

Key data

Sainte-Hermine, Vendée, France
  • Manure, slurry, crop by-products
  • Treatment capacity  :
    11,000 tonnes/year
  • Biogas recovery by cogeneration  :
    0.53 MWel
  • Avoids the emission of  :
    1,900 tonnes of CO2 per year, i.e. the equivalent of 1,218 cars
  • Equivalent number of homes supplied with electricity  :
    1,000 homes
  • Investment  :
    €4 million
  • Land application plan  :
    1,017 ha, 8 farmers associated with the land application plan
  • Takeover date  :
    10 December 2018
  • Commissioning date  :
    03 February 2015


  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Agricultural waste treatment in a local loop
  • Production of green energy
  • Reduction in the territory’s energy dependency
  • Creation of local jobs unlikely to be relocated
  • Reduced energy bill for industrial companies via thermal recovery
Since the acquisition of Méthanéo in December 2018, our teams have been mobilised so that these sites can fully address the economic, environmental and social issues faced by their territory Alain Planchot, CEO of Evergaz

Project partners